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Everyday Vegan: Taking Stock: "I discovered that my snow induced purchase of Vegebase was a truly brilliant bit of happenstance. Add a tablespoon to a cup of hot water and you have what looks and tastes like cup a soup with only 5% of the daily allowance of sodium... I used it as stock for curries and stir frys. As of this posting, I've yet to find a recipe this vegan stock didn't work with and in many ways enhance."

Used Vegebase for Cottage Pie. "... Crumble Smart Ground into pan with onion and saute for about 2 minutes. Add flour and thyme and saute for a minute. Add water, Vogue Vege Base, and liquid aminos and mix well..."

Used Vegebase for Chicken or vegetarian pot pie. Same author also posted a recipe for vegetarian gravy using VegeBase.

Preparation of Cooked Foods: "Vogue Vegebase is available in health food stores. It is mostly dried powdered vegetables, and, if you must use a prepared seasoning, Vegebase is preferable to the use of salt, pepper, or other preparations..."

Preparing and Serving Foods for Best Nourishment: Vegebase mentioned in many recipes including: Eggplan Steaks: "Slice in half-inch slices, spread out on cookie sheet. Run distilled water on slices so they are quite wet on both sides. Sprinkle Vegebase sparingly on both sides...", Tasty Cauliflower: "Cut into small florets. Steam in minimum amount of water about six to eight minutes until just barely tender. Then toss with small amount of Vegebase and brown slightly under broiler..."

Preparing of Foods without Cooking Vegebase mentioned in several salad related recipes: "the following are better than bottled salad dressings or the use of vinegar... Avocado with diced cucumbers (Optional: add lemon juice or Vegebase), Yogurt or sour cream, Vegebase, diced cucumbers, Yogurt or sour cream, avocado! Vegebase... Equal parts of Vegebase and Oil..."

Vegan Recipes: Called for used of Vogue Vegebase in several recipes, including Fresh Tomato Soup with Basil, Garden Fresh Minestrone, Mixed Veggie Stir-Fry.

Easy Vegetable Noodle Soup: used Vegebase for a vegetable noodle soup.

Used Vegebase for Vietnamese Pho Soup: "Broth ingredients: ... 8 cups vegetable broth (I use Vegebase and water)..."

Ratatouille with Spaghetti Squash: "Ratatouille is a French dish that's made with whatever vegetables you have in the kitchen... Now pour in 2-4 C hot vegetable (I use Vogue Vegebase )..."

Snowed-In Coconut Soup: "I use Vogue Cuisine Instant Vegebase, a low-sodium, MSG-free powder..."

Leek Soup: "Add the herbs, the Vege Base, and the s&p, give it a good stir, then add the water..."

Good ole beef stew in the crockpot: "I added 2 T of Vogue Cuisine Instant Beef Flavored Base to the water, and I thought that it was good. I also use their vegetarian chicken-flavored base..."

Product Reviews at Low Salt "Vogue Cuisine Onion Base or VegeBase --- Lots of flavor - a great alternative to salty bouillon."

Stuffed Tofu: "I marinated my tofu with a little water, a spoonful of Vegebase, some thyme, garlic bay leaves and a little sesame oil."

Garbanzo and Cabbage Soup: "I found this recipe on the VegNews website. The only revision I made to the recipe was to add 2 teaspoons of Vogue Veggie Base powder broth. This is a pretty tasty soup."

Intuitive Soup: "I am currently on a low-sodium diet, so most bouillon options and broths from the store are out for me. I do like Vogue veggie base though, which is a vegan vegetable broth powder available at Whole Foods and probably other places, too." Same author also posted a recipe for Stuffed Pepper Soup using VegeBase.

Heathy vegetable bouillon finally: "I was shopping at my local Fred Meyer's this morning and found VegeBase, by Vogue Cuisine. I hate buying the containers of vegetable broth because I end up not using them quickly enough and wasting money by throwing them out... It makes a tasty veggie broth. I think this one is a keeper."

Elbow Noodle Soup: "This is a soup with a vegetarian chicken base, celery, carrots, onions, kale, tofu, and whole wheat elbow noodles... I use Vogue base... I think it is labeled 'vegetarian chicken' because it has the same seasonings that many people would use for a chicken flesh or broth soup."

"I love using it in eggs, and I also sprinkle it on top of salads. It can be used to coat Tofu and, like certain vegan restaurants do with yeast..." from Carol.

Recipes for Smoky, hearty chowders: "while a homemade vegetable stock will always produce the best-tasting chowder, you can, in a pinch, turn to an instant powder, such as Vogue Vege Base". Recipes for New England-Style Sea Vegetable Chowder, Manhattan-Style Sea Vegetable Chowder, Potato-Leek Chowder with Roasted Garlic.

Seitan Pot Roast: "1 2/3 cups cold vegetable broth ... I like Vogue Cuisine Instant Vegebase."

Used VegeBase for Chik'n Corn Soup.

Used VegeBase for Rich, Delicious Cashew Sauce Recipe (Raw/Vegan) : "Blend cashews, nut/soy milk, VegeBase and onion flakes until smooth and creamy in blender or Bullet Blender..."

Comments by a user to Sunday Funday : "When I cook any pasta (wheat or rice) or grain, or when I cook pretty much anything in water, I add a vegetarian seasoning called "Vogue Cuisine Instant Vegebase" to the water after it heats up. It is like boullion (sp?) for vegetarians - and it is low sodium, gluten free, flavorful, and versatile."

Anasazi Bean Soup : "I made this variation oil-free and low sodium by seasoning it only with Vogue Vegebase seasoning."

Thanksgiving Detox/Beans & Greens Soup : "I tried out Vegebase by Vogue Cuisine. I thought it was pretty delicious, and it was both vegan and organic."

Eggplant Parmesan For One : "Take Vogue Soup Seasoning and smear all over eggplant slices."

Thanksgiving Day Tofu : Used VegeBase for flavoring in the ingredients and also for dressing.

Nutty Vegetable Stew : Used VegeBase for flavoring. "Boil water and stir in VegeBase."

Easy Peasy Split Pea Soup : Used VegeBase for flavoring. "2 T Vogue Veggie Base low-sodium broth powder"

Potato "Cheese" Soup : Among a list of vegan recipes. "2 tablespoons "chicken" flavored broth powder (I use Vogue Vege Base)"

Used Vegetarian Chicken for many recipes: "Another way I like to use this base is when making fried tofu or tempeh. By sprinking a little bit of this over the top of tofu and tempeh pieces they instantly become my little one's favorite disk. They almost become chicken nuggets, which used to be my daughter's favorite food. Just by giving them a bit of chicken flavor my daughter gobbles them up just like she used to with nuggets"

Used Vegetarian Chicken for Chick'n with Grilled Peach Pepper Sauce.

Recipe for Rigatoni with Roasted Broccoli and Chickpeas: "Instead of using the chicken bouillon cubes (loaded with salt and fat), I used Vogue Cuisine Vegetarian Chicken Soup and Seasoning Base. This product is vegan, non-GMO, low in sodium and does not contain any chicken. It's perfect for recipes that call for chicken broth or when plain vegetable broth just won't do. "

Used Vegebase for Tomato Mushroom Potato Delight.

Used Vegebase as seasoning to prepare vegetable fried rice fused with carotenoid filled veggies and Asian spices.

Recipe for Mushroom and Sun-Dried Tomato Risotto Recipe: "Looking for an easy Mushroom and Sun-dried Tomato Risotto recipe? Learn how to make Mushroom and Sun-dried Tomato Risotto using healthy ingredients...Use water and vegebase to make 6 cups of broth."

Recipe for Creamy Corn Chowder: "Vogue Vegetarian Chicken base (which is actually vegan) is available on Amazon. In a pinch, you can substitute poultry seasoning."

Used Vegebase for Popcorn Tofu with Mint "Honey" Mustard Sauce.

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