Vogue Cuisine Vegetarian Chicken Base

Vogue Cuisine's Vegetarian Chicken Soup and Seasoning Bases are great for Vegetarians and Vegans!

Delicious salt substitute, convenient powder - use as stock, for sauces and gravy, or sprinkle on grains, pasta, broiled / steamed / sauteed vegetables, potatoes, beans, tofu, and many more! 

"Just when I thought that I couldn't have chicken noodle soup again (being vegan) I find this seasoning.. I made my faux chicken noodle soup and the results were amazing!" VegCookin from S. California. 

"I like to use this base when making fried tofu or tempeh. By sprinkling a little bit of this over the top of tofu and tempeh pieces they instantly become my little one's favorite dish. They almost become mock chicken nuggets..." Ashley.

"We love the Vegetarian Chicken... My favorite is using it as a seasoning on top of fried tofu!" M. B. from California.