The year is 1938. Minnie Schlanger, proprietor of Kubie's Heath Store on 57th and Lexington Avenues in Manhattan, has just formulated an extraordinary instant soup and seasoning base. She and her husband Mike, a biochemist, knew that good health and great taste would always be in style, so they called it "VOGUE". The now time-honored recipe and formula is based on what has been distilled from the famous garden-fresh vegetable soup Minnie served her customers. At lunchtime, the line formed around the block. Their regular customers included Greta Garbo, Lillian Gish, Douglas MacArthur, Arthur Godfrey, Cary Grant, The Steinways, Spencer Tracy, Gary Cooper, Marilyn Monroe and other famous and not-so-famous New Yorkers.

Min and Mike firmly believed that good health and healing was based not on the quick infusion of drugs but on a diet of fresh and pure ingredients. Their vegetables were shipped daily from organic farms in nearby New Jersey. They were then hand-washed, freshly cut and served hot from a soup pot so large that in winter months it heated the whole store.

Now, and for over 70 years, our family brings you the same dedication to quality and great taste with absolutely no preservatives. Just as in 1938, we are ONE OF THE LOWEST SODIUM instant stocks available on the market.