We at Vogue Cuisine Foods believe in the instinctual ability of the "inner cook". Therefore, the following recipes may be adjusted to taste with a little intuition for equally delicious results. 

POPULAR! Judy Rio's famous Vegebase dip: Judy Rio's famous Vegebase dip is a favorite in the Pacific Northwest. 

Quick and Easy: several quick and easy ways to use Vogue Cuisine soup and seasoning bases for stock, soup, sauces, salt substitute, etc. 

Thanksgiving Day Tofu: Superb substitute for the traditional Thanksgiving turkey. 

Chilled Zucchini-Cumin soup: Delicious chilled zucchini-cumin soup using Vogue Cuisine seasoning bases.

Red Pepper soup: Delicious Red Pepper soup using Vogue Cuisine seasoning bases.

Quick Tofu Bake: Quick & delicious tofu bake

Onion Paste: Quick recipe for delicious onion paste.

Spinach Lentil soup: Delicious Spinach Lentil soup using Vogue Cuisine seasoning bases.

Quick marinated lemon galic Mahi Mahi: Use of Vogue Vegebase and Onion Base to marinate Mahi Mahi.


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