Recipe: Quick Marinated Lemon Garlic Mahi Mahi

8 oz sliced Mahi Mahi (or any quick cooking white fish)
juice of 1 fresh lemon
2 teaspoons balsamic vingear
1 tablesoon VOGUE onion base
1 tablesoon VOGUE vege base
( light spirkle of sea sault or tsp low sodium soy sauce)
1/2 cup virgin olive oil
1/8 teaspoon Oregeno
sprinkle of black pepper

Blend all ingredients except fish in mixing bowl
Place the Mahi Mahi in marinade for a few minutes to several hours.

Pour into coated or iron skillet and cook till meat is white and tender ( aprox 10 min)

Scoop marinade over fish/rice compliment and serveĀ 

Also may be placed in Oven for same effect

Serves 2-4.