Shipping and Returns & Refunds Policy

Shipping schedule & delivery time

Orders are usually processed in 3-5 business days, if all items ordered are in stock. If your order may be delayed due to one or more items are not in stock, you will be notified via email in 3-5 days and we will wait for your reply to see if you want to cancel your order and obtain a full refund, or wait for the items to be in stock. 

We ship all online orders via standard ground shipping through our fulfillment center vendors - and they may ship with USPS, UPS Ground, Fedex Ground, Smartpost, and other carriers. The delivery times vary depending on your location, with the average delivery time of 2-8 (business) days. Our fulfillment centers/warehouses are located in New Jersey (several locations), Indiana and Illinois, and we may occasionally ship from our California office if your order needs special attention/packing. In general, orders going to the East Coast and mid-west US can expect delivery from 2-5 business days, while orders going to the West Coast and the South can expect delivery time ranging from 4-8 business days. Note that most carriers do not deliver on Saturdays and Sundays (except when you specially request Next Day or 2nd-Day delivery and have paid the extra charges). 

Items with FREE shipping are only valid to continental U.S. Addresses (48 states). Your order may be automatically cancelled or extra shipping charges may be added if the shipping address is not within the 48 continental US states.

Returns & Refunds

To return an order, report lost or damaged merchandise, or report a shipment error, please contact our Online Order Customer Service team by email at within 20 business days of order (as reflected in your order confirmation email). Please include in your email the order #, order name, and shipping address. 

If you did not receive your merchandise (i.e. lost in shipment) or received merchandise in damaged condition (due to shipping), and you report such loss within 20 business days of order, we will assist you in filing a claim with the fulfillment vendor that packed and shipped your order, and/or their shipping carrier (USPS, Fedex, Smartpost, UPS, etc.). We will refund payment or re-ship your ordered/damaged merchandise upon the successful completion of the Claims process. Vogue Cuisine Foods, however, does not represent or guarantee that our fulfillment vendor or their carriers will accept any and all claims. Any such refunds or replacements are subject to the vendor/carrier's terms and conditions. Vogue Cuisine Foods is not responsible for lost, delayed, damaged or mishandled shipments. We will, however, provide assistance to you when you work with the shipment vendors to verify the claims and complete the claim process. You will be responsible to provide the carriers/fulfillment vendors necessary documentation and/or photos of missing shipments/damaged merchandise in a timely manner. 

If you believe there is an error in your shipment (i.e. wrong or missing product or item), you must report such error within the time limit of 20 (business) days from your order date to our Online Order Customer Service (email to 

Upon receipt of your report, we will investigate your report and determine the cause of the error.

  • If we determine that the error was made on our part, and the wrong product was shipped to you, we will ask you to return the product(s) you received to us by sending to you (to the email associated with your order) an electronic prepaid UPS/USPS Shipping label to be used to return the wrong merchandise. Upon receipt of your returned merchandise, we will re-ship your order to you at our cost.
  • If your claim of missing merchandise is substantiated and the error was made on our part (or our fulfillment vendor's part), we (or the fulfillment vendor) will ship the missing merchandise at no additional cost to you.
  • No requests for refunds or returns of online orders will not catered if we determine that we were not responsible for the errors made (for example, you ordered the wrong merchandise, including but not limiting to wrong flavors, wrong sizes, etc., or you put in the wrong shipping address for your order.) 

    Please make sure you double-check your order information like SKU's/flavors, sizes, quantities, and your shipping address to ensure accuracy before you submit your online order. Any special instructions have to be entered with your order - or submit to us via email to within 15 minutes of your order submission (please attach your order confirmation email). Unless we confirm your order changes in email, we will process your order according to what you entered in your order submission/confirmation form and will not be responsible for your subsequent changes. 

    If you are allergic to any substances - you are advised to check the ingredients list of the products before you place your order. 

    The suitability, inclusion or omission of any ingredients in any products for your personal use will not be a substantiated clause for any refund/return of your order. In other words, reasons like "the product I ordered did not have X ingredient which I was expecting" or " the product I ordered had Y ingredient which I was allergic to" will not be considered as valid reasons for returns/refunds - because all ingredients of the products have been listed for you to read & research before your order. 

    We will not issue refunds or accept returns for claims received after 20 business days (from the date of your order).