Submit Recipes

Submit your beloved Vogue Recipes to share and you will get the fabulous Vogue apron!

We have received many emails from our loyal Vogue Cuisine customers about how much they love our bases and use to create very delicious dishes over the years. Now we want the recipes of these dishes to share with the Vogue Cuisine community! If you submit your recipe(s) to us via email, we will send you a complimentary embroidered Vogue Cuisine apron - so you can enjoy your stylish Vogue cooking even more...

Submission Details & Rules:

  • Submit your favorite recipes via email to:
  • Valid recipes must include all of the following:
  1. full ingredients list and proportions/amount/quantity, including the Vogue Cuisine base(s) you have used
  2. preparation and cooking procedures
  3. a picture of dish (as colorful and attractive as you can make it!) in JPEG/JPG format OR a digital video of the cooking & dish if you want to make a splash!
  • Tell us how you want to the attribution/acknowledgement to look like (e.g. submitted by "Mary Hall, Sunnyvale, CA", or "Mary from CA", etc.)
  • Attach your full contact details - Name, Contact phone & email, and Shipping address (so we can ship the apron package to you).
  • Legal notice: By submitting your recipes to Vogue Cuisine, you have granted Vogue Cuisine Foods the permission to include or publish the recipe(s) and photos/videos on our web sites & our social network sites, and/or in our marketing brochures/flyers/Vogue recipes booklets/etc. if your recipes are selected. We will acknowledge/attribute your contribution in the format you prefer.

    We will send our gift package to you within 1 week to 8 weeks (you are encouraged to submit earlier so to secure the supply of Vogue Aprons on hand). If you submit multiple recipes (must have photos for each dish), in addition to the Vogue Apron, we will send you complimentary products that will include some to all of our five flavors (Vegebase, Beef, Chicken, Veggie Chicken and Onion). We look forward to seeing more creative & delicious dishes you can make with Vogue Cuisine products!